Innovative Talent Management

At PROCORP, we believe that talent management means not only selecting the right people, but also developing their potential, fueling their enthusiasm, and building their commitment to the organization. Understanding and evaluating people is at the heart of our business; we determine and develop those aspects of your workforce talent which drive the most value at your company, letting you dedicate more time towards your core business opportunities. We have created a solid foundation with our services that enable you to make fact-based decisions and smarter investments in your people.

PROCORP can help you develop a customized talent management strategy that’s right for your business, whether you need help with assessment and selection, development and retention, or coaching to enhance performance.

Performance management

Every employee has a different strong suit. We help manage performance by aligning the organization's goals with employee skills and competencies, ensuring the right talent is doing the right job.

We achieve this through:

  • Planning and evaluation support, creating structured career and development opportunities for employees
  • Feedback solicitation, collection, and analysis
  • Clear understanding of employees’ strengths and developmental needs
  • Individual profile maintenance for improved accuracy and efficiency during hiring and career progression


We conduct several diverse training programs in various fields so our professionals are knowledgeable and prepared to perform specific duties.
We know that employers look for candidates who have real-life experience interacting with other professionals and meeting business objectives. Often times, education and certifications are simply not enough. Unfortunately, many hopeful new-grads get lost in the shuffle after graduation and struggle to find an opportunity that will help them grow at the rate they desire. This is where PROCORP steps in. We believe there is an opportunity to provide Bahraini new-grads with support and necessary work experience to help propel them forward in their careers.

Our training program allows new-grads to work on-the-job, adding incredible value to our organization, while gaining valuable experience that will give them an edge when entering the workforce.

The innovative training model we have developed gives new-grads the extraordinary skills needed to excel both as intrapreneurs and as professionals in the corporate environment. The top participants go on to become valuable additions to our talent pool and are successfully placed with worthy and fitting companies. Once we’ve perfected the process in Bahrain, we plan to expand the program internationally to help other regions achieve the same levels of success in their own local markets.

Total rewards

Foster a pay-for-performance culture with accurate planning to improve motivation, engagement and commitment. This approach goes much deeper than just compensation and includes strategies aimed to better incentivize and reward employees.

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