We are always looking for out-of-the-box ideas to help add value to our customers. Our people-focused approach means we truly get to know our candidates and customers to ensure an absolute seamless transition from candidate to employee.

Our team comprises of skillful individuals who discover and attract the talent your company needs. All our efforts are well structured and ideal for today’s talent landscape. We dive into the passive marketplace and connect your company to the brightest assets.


By allowing PROCORP to take over your toughest HR responsibilities, you can reduce cost and improve time-to-fill while focusing on what really matters. Our strategic RPO solutions are molded to suit different needs - whether you need to quickly hire or launch a full scale search campaign for a key position.

Quality of the shortlist:
Our promise is to minimize our clients’ role in the talent aquisition process, taking over all HR worries. Instead of flooding their desks with scores of CVs, we send a shortlist of qualified and vetted candidates in a guaranteed timeframe.

Unconventional approach:
We find a way to fill even the most challenging positions without relying on traditional methods. We know our clients are tired of seeing the same prospects dressed up in newly formatted resumes. We stay on top of our game by using social media strategies to track and attract the right candidates; both passive and active.

Dedicated assistance:
Client satisfaction is the cornerstone of PROCORP Management. Our team will be well acquainted with all your HR requirements and will always be present to help with everything you need. By communicating our progress at every step, we maintain complete transparency during the entire process.

We treat each interaction with the utmost confidentiality as we know there are times when an opening must maintain a level of anonymity. We always highlight the opportunity and reveal the company only when necessary.


  1. Initiation

    We take over the process from the moment there is a hiring need. We get to know each opportunity like it’s our own, gaining a full understanding of the company vision, culture, and structure. We target the right questions to get to the right talent. By forming a complete picture of each new position, we are able to help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

  2. Talent Discovery

    An organization is a relationship of people, and that dynamic changes with each new addition. The right people can lead the company to superior growth, while wrong matches can have enormous negative impacts.

    We find the right candidates the first time. Recruitment is meant to protect and preserve an organization and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. We know quality is more important that quantity. We do not send a high-volume of CVs’, instead we find you those people who meet your exact needs.

    Our thorough screening process ensures all your requirements are met. We offer a variety of assessments and questionnaires that help us analyze not only the candidate’s soft skills, but also their ability to fit into the organization.

  3. Onboarding

    Once a candidate is selected, PROCORP handles all possible salary negotiations and pre-employment paperwork, including reference and background verification.

  4. Follow-Up

    We stay with our client and the candidate after selection and placement, offering continued support as needed. Our unique follow-up services significantly reduce employer risk.

We are not just a recruitment business, we are a people business.

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